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Spring 1 - The Clifton Gallery

Week Sixteen

Book of the Week: Luna Loves Art 

Happy New Year and welcome back! We have welcomed Miss Coleman into our class this week and she has had such fun getting to know all of our wonderful Fledglings! Our book of the week 'Luna Loves Art' introduced us to galleries. We talked about galleries, what they are, and what might be in them, as well as virtually exploring some world famous galleries on line. We are very excited to spend this term making lots of art to display in our own class gallery for you to come and visit during the last week of this half term. More details to follow soon. During the week we explored colour mixing, collage and responded to some famous pieces of art including 'Sunflowers' by Vincent Van Gogh, Mondrian's line art and Matisse's collages. We have enjoyed drawing, painting, collaging and using oil pastels.

In Phonics we have begun Phase 3 and learnt the sounds ai, ee, igh and oa.

In Maths, we have been revising zero and creating lots of games to help our quick recall of amounts and numerals. 

Fledglings Week 16

 Week Seventeen

Book of the Week: The Dot - Peter. H. Reynolds

Our little artists have been getting dotty about dots this week! We have used our Book of the Week to springboard into lots of learning about artists that use dots in their work including Yayoi Kusama, Georges Seurat and Alma Thomas. We had really grown-up conversations about the things that have inspired different artists and the children wowed us with how they talked about the importance of everyone being special and equal and important. 

During the week we have explored mosaic patterns with paper, pointilism art with felt tip pens and creating dots with cotton buds as paintbrushes. We have also enjoyed lots of dotty stories and even some dotty maths! In one activity, we all drew a dot on a piece of paper and then were free to make this into whatever we wanted and the children's ideas were amazing. Dots turned into dragon's noses, flower centres, frozen snowflakes, rocket windows and so much more! In PE, we worked in a pair to give each other different balance instructions such as "lift your bottom, one leg AND one arm!"

In Phonics we have learnt 4 new vowel digraphs - oo (as in food), oo (as in book), ar and or. Vowel digraphs are really quite tricky so it would be great if you can spend some time really looking at this week's home learning sheet for Phonics together on Monday and spotting these sounds in the stories you have at home as they are all quite similar and can be tricky to learn. 

In Maths, we have been working on speeding up our recall of number facts to 5 and memorising the amounts that go together to make 2, 3,4 and 5 e.g. 5 is 2 and 3 or 4 and 1 or 5 and 0.

We would like to invite parents to visit our class gallery that we are putting together on Thursday 8th February at 2:30pm. How exciting!

Fledglings Week 17

Week Eighteen

Book of the Week: Why Elephant has a Trunk 

We have been on lots of art adventures this week in Africa. Our Book of the Week was based on the work of an African artist called Edward Tingatinga and we enjoyed his bold colours and patterns. In class we have learnt that Africa is a continent made up of lots of countries that are very different. We used Google Earth to explore different terrains in Africa including deserts, grasslands and jungles. The children really love the Lion King so we read the story and set up a Lion King small world play set up of the grasslands and Pride Rock! We also explored the work of African artist Esther Mahlangu and designed our own patterned homes and cars. In Choosing Time we also made African necklaces, created clay animals, explored African artefacts and built African cities from Construction materials. 

In Phonics we learnt the sounds: ur  ow  oi   ear

In Maths we took our weighing and measuring skills one step further and started thinking about standard units such as grams and ml. 

On Friday we went adventuring to another continent as it was Australia Day! Mrs Dallow comes from Australia and very kindly came to talk to us about growing up in the Outback and answering our questions. She brought us some kangaroo stickers and some vegemite sandwiches to try. Thank you so much Mrs Dallow. You taught us so much and we loved learning new things. 

Next week we will be looking at art based on nature.

Fledglings Week 18

Week Nineteen

Book of the Week: Georgia O'Keefe

The children have been really inspired by the life and art of Georgia O'Keefe this week. They liked finding out about how Georgia was inspired by nature and we have been looking at lots of things in the natural world together, particularly outside. We were also interested in her time in New York and loved looking at pictures of skyscrapers... and building our own! Across the week, we have had a go at drawing and painting flowers, using chalks and charcoal to depict skulls and skeletons and playing in our own Small World Desert, based on the deserts of New Mexico where Georgia went to live after the busy hubbub of New York City! We have also really enjoyed watching the builders continue their work and planning our own buildings and constructions in our Construction Area outside. We are aiming to make our outdoor role play into a builder's merchant so if you happen to have any old toy tools, tool magazines or anything you think might be useful, please do let us know! 

A reminder that you are invited to come and see our Fledglings Art Gallery on Thursday at 2:30PM. Please come to the school office at this time. 

In Phonics, we have focused on: ear, air and er. We have also looked at words with double letters including dd gg bb tt and rr.

In Maths, we have looked at counting and arranging 6, 7 and 8 items. Next week we will continue this to really deepen the children's understanding of what these numbers mean and how they are linked to each other. 

Fledglings Week 19

 Week Twenty

Book of the Week: The Magic Paintbrush

We are officially half way through the year and have reached the end of another buys half term! This week we talked about Lunar New Year. We discussed how lots of countries and people all over the world celebrate Lunar New Year but focused mainly on China. We read Chinese stories, did Chinese art, made a Chinese dragon, play with Chinese chopsticks and rice and had lots of fun eating fortune cookies and sharing our fortunes.

As you know, the week culminated in our Art Gallery and we are so grateful to everyone who came. What amazing artists we have in Fledglings Class and what wonderful things they have achieved this half term!

In Phonics, we revised our digraphs and trigraphs. Next half term will be a whole half term of revision and a focus on learning our tricky words as there are so many to learn! 

In Maths, we continued with 6, 7 and 8. Over the break, it would be great if you do lots of counting to 8, noticing these numbers, writing them and counting out amounts to 8. 

I hope you all have a good half term and we look forward to welcoming you back after the holiday for our new topic... What a Wonderful World! Each week we will focus on a different type of habitat such as jungles, oceans and Polar regions.

Fledglings Week 20