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Forest School May - July 2024

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Robins and Fledglings this year will be enjoying weekly,  afternoon Forest School sessions. This involves interaction with each other where communication is learnt and confidence gained.

Fledglings were set a series of challenges  today. Firstly, identify the picture to locate the box containing the clip. Secondly,  answer the riddle in the box as a group and then clip your cards.  They were able to do both with relative ease. 

Pond dipping and free play were also on the menu for today. 

Riddle Orienteering


During our session this week the children took part in orienteering - Looking for letters to  make a word that named a tree - pond dipping and fun in the forest school area.

Tree Name Orienteering


Similar to Robins, the Fledglings were very good at recalling the safety instructions when around an open fire. It didn't take long before they had collected a variety of sticks and soon after the fire was laid and lit. Well done Fledglings for a very sensible afternoon around the fire. 

Camp fire 2 Fledglings


Robins were brilliant today at sourcing the fire sticks and setting the fire ready to light for our second campfire this term. All had remembered the rules regarding fire protocol from the previous week  and as usual the smalls were delicious!

Camp fire 2


Fledglings experienced their first Camp Fire in school today and after our initial safety talk before we left the classroom they all behaved very well whilst they sat and moved around the open fire.  I think from all their faces the marshmallow experience was a very enjoyable one and  they would like to try it again on another forest school session.

Fl - Camp Fire


After a discussion about safety when having a camp fire, Robins' first task was to collect suitable fire wood and place in the appropriate piles so the fire can be set ready to light. Following this the children in two groups prepared their willow toasting sticks, washed their hands and then positioned themselves around the camp fire to toast marshmallows and enjoy a smalls. Yummy!

Camp Fire


Fledglings have been discovering all about the Caribbean this week and so to end it the children were offered an opportunity to decorate a Mardi Gras mask with paint using any natural materials they wanted to. Sticks were the most popular followed by clumps of grass and leaves. Well done everyone for being so adventurous. 

Pond dipping was requested as well and from the squeals of delight we all new something aquatic had been scooped out of the pond. But for some children just  water and mud had to be their play thing to day. A very busy session indeed.

Mask decorating


Robins spent a lot of time painting flowers and trees using watercolour paints. During this time, two children discovered the joy of mixing colours so it was an exact match for the flower they had chosen to paint. 

Summer Painting


Fledglings spent part of the session decorating their magic wands. It took perseverance and patience which they demonstrated well today. For the final part of our afternoon most of the children asked to go pond dipping, one of their favourite activities this term.

Magic Wands


Fledglings enjoyed making a flower garden as part of an extra session of Forest School this week. The final part of the morning involved building a moon buggy. What fabulous enthusiasm and ideas on what they could use for the seating, tyres, steering wheel and general shape of the buggy. WOW!

Flower Garden and a Moon Buggy


Robins were challenged with weaving nature around the edge of prepared card, thus creating a woven picture frame. The end results were very pleasing to the eye  and Robins were discussing what they would display in the centre as a picture when they returned home. 

Picture Frame weaving


Fledglings experienced the Hapa Zome activity today, enjoying the transformation of their material and the results they were creating from the variety of flora and fauna that was available. 

Fledglings Hapa Zome


Using natural foliage, the children were encouraged to create a symmetrical pattern by bashing the flora and fauna with a stone, mallet or hammer onto a cloth.  Eventually  it was cut into the shape of a butterfly. The end results were very creative.

Hapa Zome