Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School

Eco-School / Gardening Club

We are an International Eco-School, and we hold the prestigious Green Flag Award.

 Eco Flag

Welcome to our Eco School! We have been awarded our 7th Eco Flag!


The Action Squad meet each Monday to discuss and plan how as a school we can be involved in the global community

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A beautiful Speckled Wood butterfly enjoying the last of the autumn sunshine.

Autumn Bounties



 Our school grounds in early Autumn.





After a busy term the gardening team enjoyed a well deserved rest and pond dipped. Many pond species were discovered in and on the pond , including some of  our Newt population.


The belly of a Great Crested Newt -  A personal fingerprint

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SEND A COW  - (Link)

The Total  for one cow after much fundraising came to £650 00 . Use the link above to find out more if you're interested in supporting African families. 

Rags to Riches  - collection day  made £65.00



Hip, Hip Hooray! Our eager gardeners set about the first jobs of this season. Pond clearing and gentle sorting of the wild flower bed which was so successful last year that we are hoping we can achieve the something similar again. 



It's Christmas and as usual we are preparing our tree for the local church. 

This year the gardeners made tree cookies from salt dough. 

This Term we say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new.


What could I be talking about? 

Our new battery recycling point which will be collected when we require it. To start the school off, all the children were given a  collection box to take home and when full to return to school for recycling in our new collection point. 

Don't forget you can still take them to your local recycling point for your area also in major food stores where recycling points can be found in the stores. 


We have lavender in abundance well into Oct/ Nov if we receive no frost. This is a special time for the children as they enjoy the aroma of the flower, whilst making small bunches for family and friends. 

Tidying up the front flower bed is another job that needs to be done in readiness for the Autumn flowers that will bloom in the Spring.


The weather this summer has been extreme and yet this is what has grown wit hout extra water being provided to encourage growth. 

We have returned to such a great display of wildflowers.  The butterflies and bees have enjoyed this massive variety of plants which were scattered from various wildflower seed packets during May. 

Children have been seed collecting since we have returned for the new term. Hopefully we can repeat something similar next year.


  Our new school equipment is a great success with the children.

Many thanks go to the parents whose efforts demolished and prepared the ground for this new construction. Thank you also to the Fund raising events organised in school by the PTA because without it and the support of the parents at these events then the above would never have happened.


 This Months Rag to Riches collection is on the 27th Sept -Start sorting those wardrobes.

Bags can be brought into school from the 24th Sept. 




Gardening club have been as busy as ever with transplanting seedlings. 


 Energy usage and being aware of energy that can be saved was a topic covered by the children. After evaluating the graphs for our school, further investigation on cost on (KWh) made for interesting conversation.  Comparisons were made on daily used electrical items in the home.  As part of a homework activity the Eagles class were asked to plot the KWh usage  in their homes for two weeks. A graph has since been compiled and is present on the Eco display Board.


Litter picking happens when there is a need.  This was such an occasion after a blustery few days.


           We raised over £50.00 for the school                 This bag of used batteries weighed in at 10 Kg!

                                                                                Don't believe me - Get in close and read the scales


         FIND ME IN                                       RAG TO RICHES - COLLECTION FEB




Christmas is not far away and here are the children making beautiful decorations from natural and manufactured items for the Church Christmas tree. Throughout the village many children's groups/clubs will provide a tree to brighten up the yearly Carol Service.


These children have been making a 2 in 1 Christmas Gift. How does that work I hear you ask?

STAGE 1 - Make a decoration band for the can

Measure the circumference of the tin then provide either plain or printed themes that when coloured and cut out will fit the tin perfectly. ( Use a glue gun to secure. Adults are best at this task)

STAGE 2 - Add a spring bulb for a spring suprise

One empty, cleaned soup can with two holes for drainage. This is then partly filled with compost which you add a spring bulb to and then cover to the brim with more compost.  

STAGE 3 - A  delightful Xmas table decoration. Perfect for the lunchtime festivities. 

Collect greenery which needs to be cut into smaller sections. This is then pushed into the compost and decorated with a made up paste representing snow. Add a few sprinkles of glitter then push into the middle of the compost, either an upright candle or candlelit. 

All Done  - BEAUTIFUL!




This is the habitat hedge that not only protects the garden boundary from stray footballs but also will be topped with unwanted branches, grass cuttings and woody material throughout the year that's not suitable for the compost bin. A perfect habitat for winter hibernation, no matter the size of the animal/insect looking for a safe place to stay also it naturally biodegrades providing nutrients that spread into the gardening area.


 BIG SCHOOL BIRDWATCH - January / Feb took place here at the end of the day.  Sparrows, blackbirds, pigeons, ringed neck doves were just a few of the feathered friends that showed up for this occasion.




  Malvern Spring Garden Show


From deciding to participate in May 2014 as a school and child led we went with the theme 'The Malvern Hills'. Above is the end result of many hours in school preparing for this event.




We have 3 species of Newt! It's official: we have Smooth Newts, Greater Crested Newts and Palmate Newts!

   Great Crested Newt