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Eagles Class Learning: Summer Term 2023

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 Eagles Summer Term 2021 Overview

  This term, Eagles class will be learning about the legacy of William Shakespeare and studying one of his best known plays - Macbeth.  We will be exploring the story through active storytelling and learning many famous parts of the play off by heart.    


      We wonder if Shakespeare got his inspiration for Macbeth due to a cold as in this video:

William Shakespeare: Useful Links and videos

        Homework Help: William Shakespeare       William Shakespeare Biography

       National Geographic Kids: Shakespeare Facts  DK Find Out: William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare is thought to have invented lots of his own words to help him when he was writing his plays. Here is a list of words and phrases that we still use today that can be traced back to Shakespeare himself

The Globe Theatre: The 'Home' of Shakespeare

The Globe Theatre was a theatre in London where Shakespeare's plays were held. It was built in 1599 by Shakespeare's company, the Lord Chamberlain's Men. Over the years, several theatres have held this name, all in central London.

The Globe could seat 3000 people and 1000 standing in the yard. It was destroyed by fire on 29 June 1613. A second Globe Theatre was built on the same site by June 1614. It was closed in June 1642, with other theatres, by order of the Puritan Long Parliament.

There are drawings of the outside of the theatre, but historians do not really know what the inside of the Globe looked like. They have had to use written descriptions, details from the building contracts, drawings of other theatres, and clues in the plays written to be performed in the Globe. In 1989 an archaeological dig at the site showed that the building was in the shape of a polygon, with 20 sides. They also discovered the building was 100 feet (30 m) in diameter.

A modern reconstruction of the Globe, named "Shakespeare's Globe", opened in 1997 about 750 feet (230 m) from the site of the original theatre. The rebuilding was a project started by an American actor, director and producer, Sam Wanamaker. He set up the Globe Theatre Trust, and spent years raising money and researching so that the theatre could be built. He died before the new Globe was finished.    


Here is a 360° virtual tour of this special theatre. It has embedded links within it so please be patient if it takes a little time to load.

We will be making our own models of the Globe Theatre in DT and finding out much more about this special theatre! Here is a video of the Globe Theatre being constructed in Minecraft!


Eagles' Work with artist to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III: 4th May 2023

Eagles class had a super time working along side the artist Sarah Edwards who had been commissioned by the school to create a piece of whole school art to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III. Due to the King's love and passion for the environment and his work to help protect it, we created a large piece of art work that included flowers, nature, animals, the oceans and even landmarks of Clifton upon Teme village too. Our task was to paint some of the panels of the art work however we wanted! 




We can't wait to see what the finished artwork will look like! Thank you Sarah for coming in and helping us to create something very special for a unqiue moment in history!

Eagles celebrate the coronation of King Charles III: 5th May 2023


To celebrate King Charles' coronation, we had a whole school party. We all wore red, white and blue for the occasion, we sang the songs that we had been practising (Celebration by Kool and the Gang, I just can't wait to be King from the Lion King), played some party games and then made crowns. After all of this excitement it was then time for some scrummy party food. 




We had a great time and we loved celebrating this unique event. Happy Coronation Everyone!

 Eagles attend the Year 5/6 Lacrosse Festival: 17th May 2023

On Wednesday, a group of us from Eagles went to the Chantry to try out the sport of Lacrosse. None of us had played before so we were excited to have a go at a brand new sport. Here is a video to explain more about the sport:


 With the Chantry Young Leaders, we played lots of games that would help us to learn some of the basic skills needed to play Lacrosse; the main one being how to pick up the ball using the lacrosse stick. We were taught that the best way was to STEP towards the ball, SQUAT down then SCOOP the ball up into the netted part of the stick. 


Once we had mastered this, we played lots of different games that made us use this skill such as: Rob the Nest, Find the Bacon and Jumping the Sticks. 



We had a great time having a go at Lacrosse. Thank you to Mrs Coleman and the Chantry Young Leaders for hosting the festival and we can't wait to play even more in school in our PE lessons. 


Written by the Year 5/6 Lacrosse Team!

Eagles Enjoy Skipping Workshop with Dan the Skipping Man: 17th May 2023

Dan the Skipping Man returned to Clifton this week to spend another morning helping us with our skipping skills. He last visited us in 2021 and since then many of us have been practising our skipping skills on a regular basis.

Skipping has many benefits to our health. The main ones are:

  • It supports a healthy heart 
  • It helps to improve coordination, concentration and motor skills
  • It gives you a better posture
  • It helps to reduce stress and anxiety
  • It improves your confidence and helps you to maintain good mental health
  • Anyone can do it!
  • You can skip on your own or with your friends
  • It's super fun!

In the workshop with Dan, Rory and Jack, we learnt some of the basic skipping steps and then some of their skipping tricks such the Rondo, the Cross Over and the Double Skip. Then we all had a go at working together as a team to do some whole class skipping too.



At the end of the morning, the whole school went out into the playground to see a skipping show from the instructors and some of us got involved too!


Thank you so much to Dan, Rory and Jack for a fantastic morning! 

           Dan the Skipping Man Website Dan the Skipping Man You Tube Channel

Eagles Macbeth Topic: All Hail Macbeth! 

This week in our English lessons, we have started our Macbeth topic. Firstly, we revised the features of a playscript and created our own knowledge organisers. We watched this video to help: (click on the picture to watch the video on BBC Bitesize)

After this, we explored the very first scene in Macbeth which introduces the audience to the three witches. Here is the scene:


 We watched some videos to see how other actors had performed the scene and explored the stage directions that must have been written into the script to help the actors on stage.




Our task was to add in stage directions in order to bring the scene to life, hook the audience and show the personalities of the witches. In our groups, we rehearsed our scene and then performed it to the rest of the class. We can't wait to see what happens next!

Every session, one of us is awarded an Oscar for our acting skills. Here is our first Oscar winner:

                                                   For Best Witch Performance

 Our Theme Park Maths Project begins: June 2023

In Maths, we are doing a project all about Theme Parks. Our first task was get into groups and decided on our roles: Project Director; Graphic Designer; Finance Director and Presentation Director. The brief was to plan and build a Theme Park with a business loan of £5 million - that's quite a bit of money! First we watched this animation and then thought about the key features if a good theme park:


 The Key Features were:

  • Making it fun for people of all ages to be there. "Milder" rides for little kids are a must, but thrilling rides for older kids and adults are also needed.
  • It must be accessible to all people
  • It must have memorable rides that keep people coming back over and over again
  • A clear approach to ticket prices
  • Lots of other amenities such as: gift shops, food outlets, entertainment areas, first aid and toilets

Different types of rides and attractions cost different amounts, so we had to keep a tally of how many of each attraction we had built and how much it would cost. 


 After we have built our theme parks, we will be presenting our designs to see if they will be approved or not. Watch this space!

Eagles Macbeth Topic: All Hail Macbeth! 


This week we have continued to learn the story of Macbeth and explored the consequences of the meeting of the Macbeth and the witches. We learned that Lady Macbeth, a very ambitious lady, is very excited about the witches' prophecy and so hatches a plan to make Macbeth King. 

Lady Macbeth has all of the power in their marriage. It is her plan and Macbeth agrees to go ahead with it even though he doesn't want to.      Layla Yr 6

 We looked at Macbeth's confusion and we thought about all the reasons Lady Macbeth would give to persuade him to kill King Duncan. Mrs Hughes then told us that we had to decide what we believed happened on that fateful night and then act out our own scene. Many of us thought that Lady Macbeth would distract the guards to allow Macbeth into the king's bedchamber. One group decided to add in a witch into the scene who was silently watching the events occur. Here are some photos of our scenes:




Our Oscar winners this week are:


                           Best Lady Macbeth                      Best King Duncan's Final Words Performance

Step Into the NHS Competition Update: June 2023


Clifton is thrilled to announce the outcome of our competition entries that we submitted for the NHS competition. A huge congratulations go to 3 of our teams that were awarded 'Highly Commended'. These were: Eddie and Charlie, Tom and Braxton as well as Izzy and Layla. This means that they were considered for the regional award too which is fantastic! Here is Tom's and Charlie's entry:


Then we found out that Charlotte and Alice had won the regional award for the whole of the West MIdlands! This meant that they had to attend the Virtual Winners' Day to present their entry to the judges so that the judges could choose the overall national winner. They had to give a 5 minute presentation to the judges and then answer questions from the judges about how they created their entry and how it fulfilled the judging criteria. 

A few days later, Mrs Hughes was able to announce that their entry had won the overall competition and that their entry had been considered to be the best out of all of the entries in the country! What an amazing achievement! There will now be a special prize giving ceremony in school in July and their entry will be used in public all over the country! Here is the winning entry:


 Congratulations to everyone for their submissions and a huge well done to the winning team. We are all very proud of you!

Year 6 Transition Sports Day: 28th June 2023

On Wednesday 28th June, Year 6 went to Chantry High School to participate in their Year 6 sports day. The aim of this day was to have a go at some new sports and meet people who will also be in Year 7 next year. They had a go at lots of different events such as: Tennis, Long Jump, Sprints, High Jump, Javelin and many more. The afternoon ended with some very competitive relay races on the Chantry athletics track. 



Year 6 returned to school absolutely 'buzzing' as they had had such a good time and met loads of new people. They are now looking forward to their next taster day at the Chantry on 13th July. Well done!


     Written by Mrs Hughes with help from Year 6