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Eagles Class Learning: Autumn Term 2023

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The Perfect Moves Company  - Open Autumn Term 2023

        Whether it is to the other side of the street ...


                    to the other side of the world ..

       We are here to help!

This term, Eagles class are finding out all about different places and regions in the UK and Europe in order to help families decide where to relocate.  

Client Information:

The Fowler Family are keen to move from London but are unsure where to relocate.

The three possible places are:


Clifton-upon-Teme in Worcestershire 

Bristol in the South-West of England 

Asfeld – in the Champagne-Ardenne Region of France

Family Facts:

The family are concerned about the environment so would like to go from three cars down to just one. They want to spend more time on their love of the outdoors, especially walking.

Jason and Pippa are in Year 4 and 5 and enjoy maths, art and computing.

James’ parents, Christine and Graham are selling their house too. All the money will go towards one house for them all.

James currently belongs to a historical society and has always loved finding out about British History. He believes that he has found a family connection to Isambard Kingdom Brunel which was why Bristol was selected as a possible location.

Mum Marnie studied Biology at University and currently works for the charity Cancer Research.

Dad James is a keen Table Tennis Player. He would like to become involved in groups in the community such as; sports, walking, volunteering or a reading group.

The children are very active and enjoy being outdoors. Jason enjoys playing games online with his friends as well as going bowling or to the cinema.

The whole family are very keen on relocating to somewhere unique; the place must have lots of history 

Rocky the family's dog is 3 years old. He enjoys going to the park, rolling in the grass and eating Winalot biscuits. He also loves chasing Squirrels.



 Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Eagles Commemorate the life and achievements of Isambard Kingdom Brunel:           September 2023

From our client information about the Fowler family, we noticed that Dad, James, believes that there is a family connection to the victorian engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and that this is why Bristol was chosen as a possible place to move to. 

Eagles decided to find out more about this famous Great Briton by conducting some research using a range of sources. Here is one of the videos that we watched:

  We were fascinated to discover how he began to get interested in design; we all tried to draw the perfect circles but we couldn't get our circles to be as good as Brunel's!  We also loved the thought of his putting his sandwiches under his Top Hat for safe keeping. 

Here are some more of our favourite facts:

  1. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was born on 9 April 1806 in Portsmouth.
  2. Brunel’s parents sent him to the finest schools in England and France to learn the skills he needed to be an engineer.
  3. Brunel worked on the Thames tunnel with his dad, who was also an engineer. He almost drowned when the roof collapsed and flooded in 1827!
  4. While Brunel was recovering, he entered and won a competition to design a bridge over the Avon river gorge in Clifton, Bristol – this later became the Clifton Suspension Bridge.
  5. He married Mary Horsley in 1836. They had three children: Isambard Junior, Henry Marc and Florence Mary. Henry also became an engineer when he grew up.
  6. Brunel was known for wearing a tall black top hat – very stylish in Victorian times!
  7. Brunel was the chief engineer of the Great Western railway, and he designed the railway line between London and Bristol. He also designed the Temple Meads station in Bristol, and Paddington station in London. He wanted the line to be as flat and straight as possible so that the passengers would have the smoothest train journey. Some people believe that Brunel deliberately designed the Box Hill Tunnel to be completely in line with the sun rise on his birthday so it would be flooded with light forever more.
  8. Brunel also designed fast ships – the SS Great Western, the SS Great Britain and the SS Great Eastern. The ss Great Britain was the first iron-hulled steam propellored ship in the world.
  9. Brunel died on 15 September 1859. He is buried at Kensal Green cemetery in London.
  10. Brunel’s legacy has lasted long after 1859. His constructions are still used today!

We think that Brunel was such an incredible man; no wonder he came second in the 100 Greatest Britons poll! Watch this video all about the ss Great Britain and we are sure you'll agree!

 Eagles Street Art - 22nd September 2023

We have been finding out about other famous people from Bristol for our family. Today, one of the most famous residents of Bristol is the Street Artist called Banksy. We love the idea that no-one knows who he is and that his artwork can pop up anywhere, overnight! All Graffiti Artists have their own 'Tag' or 'Throwie' which they use to sign their work. We have been turning our initials into a graffiti tag, thinking about what the tag says about our personality. We have lots of budding Banksys in our classroom!




We know that Bansky's artwork is very popular with many people. This video shows what happened when a 'Banksy' was found one morning in a school playground in Bristol. We think its really cool! Maybe  Bansky would like to place his next piece of art in Clifton-upon-Teme! 


Eagles' Street Art Gallery: 2nd October 2023

After our lessons where we practised the techniques and styles of graffiti, we designed and created our own 'tag' or 'throwie'. We had to make sure that our design was eyecatching, individual, reflected our personality and it showed evidence of complimentary and analogous colours. Here is a gallery of our creations which are currently making the entrance to our classroom a lot brighter!

Eagles Street Art

Eagles Class and their Young Leader Training: 3rd October 2023

The children in Year 5/6 have been working hard in their Young Leader sessions over the past few weeks. Over the course of 4 weeks, they have developed their understanding of leadership and learnt lots of activities that they can begin to lead in school. Each session was built around some key words:









I enjoyed the task that helped us to think about the importance of communication. We each had to describe a pattern on a card to each other. t was tricky because I could not see the card so I had to rely on clear instructions from my partner. We got quite close so that tells me that there was good communication between us!                                                      Alice Year 6

In some of the sessions leaders were put into teams and given an activity to explore. They had to learn the game, as well as think about how to make it easier and harder. Once they were experts, they then had to teach that game to another group successfully. This was another test of their communication skills.

Teaching another group our game meant that we had to know what we were doing beforehand. We had to make sure everyone in the group had agreed how we were going to teach the game and also think about what might be challenges that would stop the session being successful. We did great and the other team had lots of fun!                                                                                  Aussie Year 5

 For the final session, the leaders had to plan and then teach a session to groups of children in Year 1 and 2. They had to make sure that their activity showed all of the 7 key words and showcased what they had learnt in the sessions. Their session had to include a warm up, an activity that could be made easier or harder and a cool down to finish. This session went really well and the children in Year 1 and 2 gave all the activities a big 'thumbs up!'





 This means that a brand new set of Young Leaders, wearing their distinctive gold hoodies, will be outside at lunchtimes organising games and activities for the rest of the school to help increase activity levels as well as making lunchtimes a happy time for all. Well done Young Leaders!!

Eagles meet the Bristol Giants!: 2nd October 2023

In our English lessons, we have begun our unit of work on Legends. Legends are stories that are handed down through generations. All legends have an element of truth in them and some try to explain how something came to be. Unlike myths, legends don't have magic or monsters, because they're based on reality.

 Before we started our lessons, Mrs Hughes gave us some clues to the legend that we would be exploring. She said that the legend involved a mythical creature, a challenge and that it tells us how the Avon Gorge in Bristol came to be. We explored the Avon Gorge to find out more about it and learnt how gorges were made. We watched this video to help our geographical knowledge:


 Then we researched the gorge using these websites:

      Google Earth Kids Kiddle Avon Gorge Website

After using our knowledge of the Avon Gorge to predict what the legend might be about, Mrs Hughes introuduced us to Goram and Gyston: The Bristol Giants!

Here is their story:

 We also love the song that goes with the legend! 


 We can't wait to begin to create our own characters and legends! Watch this space!

Year 6 Digi Van Visit and Sense Show: 23rd October 2023

Last year, Alice and Charlotte won the national Step Into the NHS competition. Part of their prize was to have their winning entry shown in public. On Monday 23rd October, we had a surprise visit from a huge Digi Van that arrived at school. When we went to look, we saw that the huge screen on the van was showing Alice's and Charlotte's winning entry. For the rest of the day, the van visited landmarks in Worcester such as the hospital and the cathedral so that thousands of people could see their winning video. What a lovely surprise!


Then the next day, Year 6 enjoyed the class prize that Alice and Charlotte won which was a live Senses Show. This was an interactive show with Tom where we got to try experiments on each other. We explored our senses and quirks of the human body with 9 amazing experiments. We explored:

  • How to stick our ring fingers together
  • If our arms have evolved differently to each other
  • How to find our blind spot 
  • Our your pupil (eye) reflexes
  • What is more important for taste - your tongue or nose
  • How to make our arms float up or sink into the floor (very weird!)
  • How to see our friends' head grow or shrink
  • Colour images in our after vision
  • Our hearing frequency range

We had a great science show and learnt lots of interesting and weird things about our senses!



 Thank you Tom for a super show! 

Eagles Begin Fairgroynd Ride DT Project: November 2023

In our DT Fairground Rides DT project, we are learning all about mechanisms especially those systems that are driven by a Geared or Pulley system. We had seen fairground rides on our visit to Bristol, so we were given the challenge of designing and making a new ride that would bring visitors and locals to the harbour area of the city. 

First, we explored fairground rides in general. We watched this video to help us think about some key DT questions:


 We chose 2-3 of the rides and compared them. We asked ourselves:

How does the ride move?

Where do the riders sit?

Where is the mechanism located?

How are the different parts of the mechanism joined together?

In our next session, we used construction kits to help us create and explore geared and pulley mechanisms. We had to follow the diagrams to build each one correctly.          



Once we had made each mechanism, we drew detailed diagrams to show how they worked and how all of the parts were connected. We also found out how we could change the direction of the pulley or gears so different parts could move in different directions. We will now use this knowledge to build a mechanised frame that will be a part of our final fairground ride. 

       Want to find out more about mechanisms?   Click on this link:    BBC Teach: Mechanisms

 Eagles' OS Mapping of Clifton-upon-Teme: 17th March 2022

Throughout our project helping out the Fowler family decide where to live, we have been studying OS maps and working out what they tell us about a place. When we were looking at the map of Clifton-upon-Teme, we noticed lots of things were either in the wrong place or were not on the map. We decided to do our own map of the village using a range of OS symbols. Here are some of the places we went to on our walk:





We found so many parts of the village that deserved to be on the OS map that we decided to use these photographs to make our own OS style maps. This map would then inform the Fowler family of what is in the village and help them to make their decision about which location to move to. 


After creating our maps, some of us used digital mapping services to find the precise grid references for the places on our maps. We also investigated an app called 'What Three Words'. This has divided the world into 3 metre squares and has given each square a unique combination of three words. We discussed how digital mapping services could help us share a very precise location if we ever found ourselves lost or dealing with an emergency. We hope that all of this information helps the Fowler family to make an informed choice about where they might want to move to. 

                          OS Map website            What3words website

Eagles Computing Project: Using the Micro:bit

Over the past few weeks, we have been exploring how to use and program the Micro:bit. A Micro:bit is a tiny computer that can be programmed to do many different things. The key features are:

  • You tell it what to do by writing instructions in code.
  • The code is an algorithm, a sequence of instructions.
  • The micro:bit can show words (and numbers and pictures) on its LED display output.

Here is a video that introduces this amazing bit of kit!:


 We explored many projects in our lessons. We created name badges, a nightlight, animations and our final project was to make a rock, paper, scissors game.  Here is a video that shows our final coding challenge:


Here are a few photos of us completing the projects:



We loved getting to know how to code the Micro:bit and learning how to use it in many different ways. 

 Click on the links below to find out more about the Micro:bit and find some really cool projects to try!

                                                          Makecode for Microbit                                                               Microbit Starter Projects  Microbit Games Microbit Music

DT Fairground Ride Project Motorised Frames: 20th December 2023

This week, we spent a whole morning creating a motorised framework that could be used in our final fairground ride design. Here is a diagram of the motorised frame that we made.

We got given the pieces of wood that had already been cut to size and the other pieces of equipment that we needed. All we had to do was to follow the instructions correctly to create the final frame that looked like this:

Here are some photos of how we made our frames.




It was not easy to make and we had to solve a few problems along the way. But we were really excited when we connected the motor to the circuit and the axle rotated!


It wasn't easy to make the frame as we all had to work together to make sure that we were doing the right things at the right time!                                   Daisy


Our group did have to overcome a few problems such as: the pegs not sticking properly or the driver belt that kept on coming off. I was really pleased when the motor and pulley worked together to make the axle move.                        Charlie

Our next task will be to see how we can incorporate this frame into our fairground ride designs in order to make something move on our ride.  Watch this space!

Fairground Rides Big Build Day 1      


We have begun to use our designs in order to build our models of our fairground rides. We had great fun working together to bring our design to life. There were some problems that we had to overcome but all of us were so proud of our efforts!




We will have another Big Build morning in order to finish our models and get them working with the motor. We can't wait to see them all finished in our very own Clifton Fairground!