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Bristol Zoo Trip 

For a gallery of the photos of our trip please click here.  

Design & Technology

As part of the Poles apart topic Robins decided they wanted to create a moving scene to make a picture more interesting. They created a different mechanism to add to their Arctic scene over a three week period. This included a slider, a lever and a wheel mechanism. Here are Robins moving scenes in action...

Our wonderful moving Arctic Scene from Clifton upon Teme Primary on Vimeo.

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Robins Class! 

Wonder Women 

Elizabeth I

We started our Wonder Women topic researching Elizabeth I. We created a brand new role play area that replicates a palace that Elizabeth I might have lived in during the 16th century. We even drew her favourite portrait to hang on the palace walls! 


 Florence Nightingale

Robins class used role play to act out the significant events in Florence Nightingales life. They then tried to imagine what it might have been like for the soldiers in Scutari hospital before the Doctors allowed Florence Nightingale to treat them. We used 'I can' phrases in a carousel of practical activities to replicate the terrible conditions in the Crimean War. 


 Mary Seacole

The next Wonder Women in our topic also helped soldiers in the Crimean War, her name was Mary Seacole. We discovered that Mary Seacole not only built her own hospital, but she also made her own herbal medicines to treat the soldiers wounds and illnesses! We created our own herbal medicines and then wrote about the ingredients we used, what the medicine could be used for, how you should take the medicine and how many times a day it should be taken. 


 The Royal Infirmary Museum 

After learning about our medical Wonder Women; Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Marie Curie, Robins class decided to apply and extend this knowledge on our trip to The Royal Infirmary Museum in Worcester. We had a great day looking at all the artefacts in the museum, looking in and around the old hospital and 'showing off' our learning to the museums tour guides. 


The Suffragettes 

The girls in Robins experienced first hand what it was like not to have a vote, and what it was like to have the boys make the decisions for them - it was safe to say the girls were not happy! We discussed why it was unfair that the boys had the vote, which lead us to learn about the Wonder Women Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davison. 

Frida Kahlo

Robins painted their own self portrait with their dominant hand tied behind their back. This replicated the struggle that Frida Kahlo went through after her accident, and highlighted the perseverance she needed to produce her artwork. 


Rosa Parks

Robins introduction to Rosa Parks sparked interest, as they were involved in a role play that segregated the class according to the bib they were wearing. Half of the class experienced what it was like to not be treated equally, we then swapped roles and discussed how the treatment the children experienced was similar to that of Rosa Parks. Robins could not believe that people were treated different because of the colour of their skin! 

Autumn 2018

Christmas Craft

We took the opportunity at Christmas to do some craft.  Here are our hand sewn felt Christmas decorations:

Fire of London

And here is the culmination of our study of the fire of London.  Having made their own tudor style houses, we reenacted the fire to demonstrate how the events unfolded.  This was an exciting and unforgettable experience for the children!



Here is our stunning roleplay corner and all the tudor house models that the children have made for their homework!

We have even been incorporating some dance sequences based on the Fire of London into our PE lessons: 

To learn about the Great Fire of London, we have memorised a 'story map' which tells the story of the events.  Here is us reciting the story:

We are now fully engrossed in our 'Fire of London' topic and today we were lucky enough to receive a visit from the Bromyard fire brigade.  We had lots of questions to be answered and there was quite a bit of 'trying on' as you will see from the photos:



Traditional Tales

We launched our new topic with a big dressing up day where children could come dressed up as their favourite character.  We then wrote poems about our characters. 

Andy Goldsworthy study

We have been enjoying the colours in autumn while observing seasonal change.   Here is some of the artwork we created on a lovely sunny afternoon. 

Dinosaurs Love Underpants

We have started our term by launching into a study of dinosaurs following reading this hilarious book.  Not only has a dinosaur egg been hatching under our eyes in the classroom, but we have also been helping dinosaur eggs hatch outside using a special 'magic spray'........

Summer Term 2018


This half term we have really enjoyed learning about Europe.  Highlights have been learning about France, Spain and Italy.  We were really lucky to have a visit from our French exchange partners which heightened the children's interest as they were able to get to know the children a little.  Another popular activity was making a Spanish omelette and we have even had a go at flamenco dancing!  Here is some of the children's project work showing European landmarks and flags: 




Robins have loved learning about Monet as part of our Europe topic and here is some of their inspired work: 



European Picnic

To mark the end of our topic and term, we decided to hold a 'European picnic' to celebrate!  Here our some of our amazing contributions:



School life in the past

Our class was very lucky because we got to interview Jude's Grandma and Jack's Grandmother. We had a great time asking them lots of questions about what school was like for them ( we just hope we didn't bombard them with too many questions! ). We also went back in time to 1912 using our magic spiral. Miss. Jones pretended to be a strict Victorian teacher and we had mini Victorian style Maths and English lessons. We also learnt about the punishments that some children would face if they misbehaved. 



In PE we have been working on our balancing skills. We played a balloon relay race which tested our multi-tasking skills. We had to hop on one foot, tap cones and bounce a balloons , all at the same time! It was tricky to start with but we all persevered and got there in the end. 




Living things and their Habitats

We have been studying living things and their Habitats in science. We went out on a nature walk to a woodland habitat to find things that were living, non-living or never alive. We had a great time and found some very interesting items.


We have also been mini-beast hunting around the playground. We used magnifying glasses and special devices called Pooters which suck up insects into a pot so that you can see the insects up close. We made a tally chart of the insects we found and then put the information into a pictogram for maths.


 The Disgusting Sandwich

We started our term with a bang as we launched into our new text 'The Disgusting Sandwich'.  The children loved re-enacting the story:

Then we created our own version- 'The Disgusting Ice- Lolly' in a new setting of Clifton village: